Oak Valley Center is a state-of-the-art research and clinical treatment center for parasomnias. Sleep has a serious impact on many medical conditions, including cognition, mood disorders, mental illness and trauma recovery. Quality sleep is key to maintaining good mental and physical health, and we at Oak Valley are committed to helping our patients have a better night’s sleep.

Our research center, integrated within the Plainview Hospital, is unique in combining brain sciences and alternative medicine to seek new treatments for a variety of parasomnias. Our team of researches include neurologists, respirologists, oneirologists, psychologists, physiologists and technologists working together to study both the qualities of normal sleep and the disorders that prevent it.  

We partner with research institutes like the European Sleep Research Society, the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, the Canadian Sleep Society and the Rosenberg Clinic.

The advancements made in our research center inform the treatment methods of our Sleep Clinic. Located within the secluded and tranquil Long Island Pine Barrens Preserve, the Oak Valley Sleep Clinic is the ideal setting for sleep rehabilitation. The restorative nature of the tranquil forest, along with the latest advancements in sleep medicine, ensure our patients receive the rest they need immediately and the treatment necessary to maintain quality sleep patterns for years to come.

Our center receives referrals from across the State of New York and beyond. Oak Valley Sleep Disorder Center is a subsidiary of the RhopaGroup Holdings.